Aria Zhang

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Aria Zhang/客户市场经理

自2017 年加入New York Dental Studio 以来,Aria Zhang 一直致力于把她对工作的热情投入于牙科服务中。她是Brandon Huang 医生的实际病人中的一个,刚刚完成了她的Invisalign 治疗,效果非常好!她于2016 年取得约翰霍普金斯大学的市场营销学硕士学位。Aria 始终站在患者的角度为他们思考,她撰写了许多教育文章,帮助费大家了解牙科知识以及改善口腔健康的方法,并致力于满足他们的审美需求。

Aria Zhang/Marketing Manager

Aria Zhang has been devoted her passion in dentistry with New York Dental Studio since 2017. She is an actual patient of Dr. Brandon Huang and just finished her Invisalign treatment with great result! She gained her Master of  Science in Marketing Degree from John Hopkins University. Aria understands and always thinks for the patients. She writes many educational articles to help patients understand dental principles and the way to improve their oral health and purse their aesthetic needs.