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Pae Chun Cho DDS/牙科手术专科医生

Dr. Cho 是一个对科学无限热爱的人。他并获得了纽约大学牙科学院的牙科手术博士学位。从牙科学院毕业后, Dr. Cho 在南布朗克斯中心林肯医疗和心理健康中心的最繁忙的创伤中心完成了他5 年的口腔和颌面部住院医生实习。

Dr. Cho 精通所有牙科外科手术,包括普通拔牙、手术拔牙和植牙。平均而言,他每月进行包括智齿的约400-500次拔牙手术,和100次植牙手术。他非常的耐心和细心,让患者在一个舒适放松的情况下进行复杂的牙科手术。

Pae Chun Cho DDS/Oral Surgeon

Dr. Cho pursued his love of science and received his DDS degree from New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Cho then went on to complete his 5 year oral and maxillofacial residency at one of the busiest trauma 1 centers in the country at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in the heart of South Bronx.

Dr. Cho is proficient with all in-office surgical procedures. On an average, He performs around 400-500 extractions including wisdom teeth and 100 implants per month.

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